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To use the AHCCCS Online website, you must have an active account. Accounts are created by the user. They are not assigned by AHCCCS. To create an account, click on the Register link under the "New Account" menu. For assistance, please contact our Customer Support Center by emailing your request to servicedesk@azahcccs.gov. Please do not include personal or sensitive information such as usernames or passwords.

There are two types of accounts that can be created with this system, MASTER Accounts and INDIVIDUAL Accounts. Both types of accounts will allow providers to view eligibility/enrollment information for any valid recipient in the system. However, providers will only be able to view claim status information for claims submitted by the provider under which the account is created, or an affiliated provider. For instance, creating an account under a Billing ID, rather than a Provider ID, will allow the account holder to view claims for all providers associated to the Billing ID. This association is often created for multiple providers using the same Tax ID. For privacy reasons, providers are restricted from viewing claims submitted by other providers, unless a provider group affiliation is established. Please contact AHCCCS Provider Registration at 602-417-7670 for questions concerning provider group affiliation.

The option to create a Master account is only available if no other master accounts have been created for the provider. A Master account has all the functionality of Individual accounts. However, a Master account holder will also have the ability to administer all the Individual accounts for the same provider. This provides an authorized representative from a provider, such as a supervisor or manager, the ability to monitor and maintain who can and cannot access information from the system. If you are not a representative from an AHCCCS contracted provider, please do not attempt to create an account.

  • When the registration process is complete for a Master account, a letter will be generated and sent to the mailing address specified by the account holder. The account holder specifies the address by selecting one of the options in the drop-down list during the sign up process. The letter will contain the authentication code necessary to activate the Master account.
  • If the Master account is not activated within 15 days of creation, it will be deleted from our system. Please keep in mind that during this time, no other Master accounts can be created. Therefore, please do not attempt to create a Master account unless you are authorized to do so since this will delay your setup process.
  • If the Master account is not accessed for more than 90 days, the account will automatically be locked. The master account holder will receive email alerts, sent to the email address registered with the account, prior to the account being locked.
  • There can be multiple Master accounts. To create additional Master accounts, an existing Master account holder simply promotes an Individual account to a Master.
  • Once the Master account is activated, the Master account holder will have the ability to activate new Individual accounts.
  • If an active Master account does not exist for a given provider, Individual accounts cannot be created. Master account holders who are planning to leave the organization should make sure to designate another account holder to a Master status to prevent disruption in service for the provider.
  • All Master account holders will receive an email each time an Individual account is created. This email is sent to notify the Master that the account was created and is awaiting activation.

Individual accounts can be created regardless of whether a master account already exists for a provider. However, you cannot use an individual account until a master account holder activates it.
  • When the registration process is complete for an Individual account, an email will be sent to the Master account holder(s) for the same provider, if a Master account exists. The purpose of the email is to notify the Master account holder(s) that a new Individual account has been created and is awaiting activation.
  • The account will remain inactive for up to 120 days unless it is activated by a Master account holder. If 120 days pass, it will be deleted from our system.
For more information, click here for our Frequently Asked Questions section.