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  Frequently Asked Questions
What’s the difference between master and individual accounts?
Why can’t I see claims for other providers?
Why can’t I log in?
Can there be more than one master account for each provider?
Do I need to create an account for each provider?
Forgot your password?
My email or other account information has changed. What do I do?
I am a master account holder. How do I activate new individual accounts?
I am a master account holder. How do I remove an individual account?
I am a master account holder. How do I initiate the password recovery process for an individual account?
I just created an account and accidentally made it an individual account instead of a master account. Can I go back and change it?
It won’t let me select the correct address when I fill in my information.
I just created a master account. How long will it take for my authentication code to be mailed to me?
I received my authentication code but it is not accepting it. What am I doing wrong?
When do individual and master account passwords expire?
Why do accounts get locked or deleted?
What type of notification will account holders receive prior to an account being locked or deleted?
Why can't I share my account?
Why can't multiple account holders use the same email address?
How do I create a Master account?
How do I activate my Master account?
My email or phone number has changed. What do I do?
Newborn Stillborn Message
I received an email notification that my account was locked due to failed login attempts. What do I do?
Why do I need an ID.me account? (NEW!)
Do I have to create a new AHCCCS Online account if I already have one? (NEW!)
Do I have to login to both AHCCCS Online and ID.me each time I want to use the site? (NEW!)
The information on my ID.me account matches the information on my AHCCCS Online account, but I still get a denied access error message. What do I need to do to get this resolved? (NEW!)
Who do I contact if I have an issue with my ID.me account? (NEW!)
Do I need to create a new ID.me account for AHCCCS Online if I already have an ID.me account? (NEW!)
Our organization shares an AHCCCS Online account. How do we proceed? (NEW!)
What if I have an existing AHCCCS Online account and an ID.me account, but I’m denied access after successfully logging into both? (NEW!)
How long does the process take to create an ID.me account? (NEW!)
What documents do I need to complete the ID.me verification process? (NEW!)
What do I do if my documents are rejected? (NEW!)
What documents do I need to verify my identity with a Video Chat Agent? (NEW!)